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5-String Luthiers

Who I’ve Worked With

Acoustic-Electric Strings

Gary's violins are some of the best quality 5-strings that don't break the bank.  I have had his London model acoustic-electric since 2012 and have yet to find a better amplified sound from a violin.  Darol Anger, one of the best five-string players out there, use his fiddles for gigging instruments.

Great Teaching Instrument

Glasser recently came out with a sub $1000 five-string and they are GREAT for the price.  They sound very much like a student instrument, but they are far more durable than a regular fiddle. I recommend anyone who is looking for a low cost teaching instrument to pick one up immediately.  They even have 5- string viola and cellos!

Local RI Luthier

Armand Aromin is a violin maker and musician based in Providence, Rhode Island. He has studied at Berklee College of Music and is a 2013 graduate of the North Bennet Street School in Boston, MA where he earned his diploma in Violin Making & Repair. He has done extensive work on my instruments and has worked wonders setting up 5-strings.

Solid Quality

I have a 5-string viola that a luthier had custom ordered through them.  I really like it and its an inexpensive alternative to getting a hand-made instrument.

5-String Luthiers: Clients
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