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Bands and Ensembles

I play in a multitude of different ensembles and a variety of genres, such as bluegrass, jazz, classical, and rock.  The ones listed below are the ones that I consistently perform with.


Modern Bluegrass Band

Voted best bluegrass band in Rhode Island 2 years in a row.

Progressive Bluegrass Band

Drawing influences from such artists as Nickel Creek, Punch Brothers, Joe K. Walsh, Darol Anger, and the Grateful Dead, the Squirrel Hunters is a young, high energy band that covers the latest in progressive bluegrass along with new interpretations of traditional tunes.

Americana/ Bluegrass Trio

Formed from three members of the Squirrel Hunters.

Dave Matthews Cover Band

Dancing Nancy Band is a Dave Matthews Tribute Band based in Southern New England. They played extensively from 2002-2012 hosting one of the longest running Tuesday night parties in New England first at One Pelham East in Newport, RI from 2002-2006, which moved to Gillary’s in Bristol, RI from 2006-2012. 

The band is still available for private events and reunion shows.

East Side Ensemble

String Ensemble

The East Side Ensemble is a small string group that plays classically oriented chamber music.

Deep Timber

Jamgrass Band

The bluegrass version of a jam band.